Rabbit Jumping

Rabbit Jumping

Rabbit Jumping at Mirfield Show

Rabbit Jumping (or Hopping) is becoming more and more popular here in the UK following the first competition in only 2010 at Honley Show – and this year competitions will be held at Mirfield Family Agricultural Show from 12pm onwards. It is fun for rabbit and owner, and even a great way to keep you both fit, but it needs more people to get involved.

Getting started is simple… and as the sport in the UK is less than a year old, everybody is a beginner, and there is no need to fear that your rabbit wont jump. It’s part of the fun. On a straight course there would probably be eight to twelve jumps with the first class jumping up to 9cms high, the medium jumps up to 18cm high and the difficult class up to 28cms high.

If you want to practice in advance, making your own jumps isn’t difficult. Why not go to the local timber merchant and ask if you can look through their waste timber skip for wood to make rabbit jumps – they are often so intrigued that they will be very helpful. Click here to see some examples of Rabbit Jumps.


Rabbit Jumping Classes for 2013

Details and downloads for the Rabbit Jumping competition for 2013 will be posted here once confirmed.

If you want to join in the fun, bring your rabbits down to Mirfield Showground – wearing a harness and lead – where competitions will start from 12pm. Even if you don’t want to enter, why not bring your rabbit down to give it a go.


Rabbit Jumping Training

You don’t have to train your rabbit to join in – but if you want to try visit the Rabbit Jumping UK website. All breeds can compete in Rabbit Jumping but some tend to be better than others – but all rabbits have different personalities so it will vary. A rabbit that likes to sit on your knee and relax is probably going to be unwilling to jump. Active rabbits that love to run round are a lot more likely to jump. Even if your rabbit is lazy, don’t give up, as they can still learn.


Rabbit Jumping Records

The world record for the highest jump is 99.5 cms !

The world record for the longest jump is 3 metres !


Rabbit Jumping Videos

To see videos from the Rabbit Jumping UK’s YouTube Channel, Click Here.


Rabbit Jumpimng Competition Contact

For further details about the Mirfield Rabbit Jumping Competition, please the Rabbit Jumping UK website or call Maureen on 01484 450310, contact the Mirfield Show Competitions Secretary at competitions@mirfieldshow.co.uk or complete the Contact Us Page.


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