Build-a-Scarecrow Competition

Build-a-Scarecrow CompetitionYou, your family, organisation or friends are invited to build-a-scarecrow and enter it into this year’s competition – with prizes for first, second and third places. The Mirfield Show Scarecrow Competition is a very popular spectator competitions on showday and attracts participants from all across Yorkshire. Mirfield Family Agricultural Show is unique in the Yorkshire county show calendar of events because as well as having a strong agricultural heritage, it encourages children to get involved to make it a fantastic family day out.


Build-A-Scarecrow Results 2017


Build-A-Scarecrow Competition 2017

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Your scarecrow can be anyone you wish but the judges are particularly looking for Olympic sports scarecrows, other sporting contenders, scarecrows from South America, one about to set off to travel to/from Rio or any carnival scarecrow. The choice is entirely yours. Be as imaginative as you want.

Scarecrows must be brought to the showground by 11am showday morning as they are an attraction in themselves – with judging around 11.30am. Please remember that your scarecrow will need to be taken home between 4pm and 5pm as they cannot be stored after that time. Anyone can enter, you do not have to live in Mirfield, and entry, as always, is absolutely free.


Build-a-Scarecrow Rules 2017

1. Entry forms to be e-mailed to of posted to Scarecrows at Mirfield Show, 51 Springfield Park, Mirfield WF14 9PE, to arrive no later than 15 August 2017, to guarantee a space. 2. Scarecrows to be brought to the showground between 8 o’clock and 11 o’clock on showday and placed where advised by the steward. 3. Scarecrows to be ready for judging by 12 o’clock. 4. Scarecrows to remain until 4 o’clock, when they should then be taken home again. 5. Mirfield Agricultural Show Society reserves the right to refuse to admit any scarecrow considered likely to cause offence. 6. All scarecrows must be free from hazard to show staff, volunteers or visitors or other members of the public. Any scarecrow considered by the Steward to be dangerous must be removed or disposed of, immediately, by the exhibitor. 7. Mirfield Show Society Limited, the Society, staff or anyone related to the Society cannot accept any responsibility for any injury, loss or damage caused to any person or their property, howsoever caused, incurred as a result of entry to this competition or whilst on the showground. 8. The judge’s decision is final. 9. By completing and submitting this entry form, you agree to the terms and conditions.


Register Your Scarecrow for 2017

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More Information

For further details about the Mirfield Show Build-a-Scarecrow Competition, please contact the Competitions Team on or via the Contact Us page.


How To Build-a-Scarecrow

Originally used by farmers to keep birds away from important crops, in times gone by they were very much part of the landscape. Scarecrows are not expensive to make, and you can have fun by easily making a scarecrow from everyday items that are lying about the house, they can be as crazy or silly as you like. This easy set of instructions may be of help in making your scarecrow, and remember it requires no more complicated skill other than cutting and tying.

What you might need:

  • 1 stake about 2m long (6ft) for the body
  • 1 stake about 1m long (3ft) for the arms
  • 1 stake about 30cm long (1ft) for the body/waist
  • Material to make the scarecrow′s clothes
  • An old pair of tights or similar
  • Some straw or other lightweight material that will stand up to rain (just in case)
  • String
  • Fabric or waterproof paint for the facial features


Build-a-Scarecrow Results 2016

  • 1st – Bob Minion by Katie Ashford/Asquith
  • 2nd – Athlete by Melanie Murphy
  • 3rd – Huddersfield Town Player by Team Nuttman



Build-a-Scarecrow Results 2015

  • 1st – Into The Country by Team Ascot
  • 2nd – Winston Churchill by Vanessa Wilkingon


Build-a-Scarecrow Results 2014

  • 1st – Robin Hood by Vanessa Wilkinson
  • 2nd -Lucy Sparkle by the Gala Girls


Build-a-Scarecrow Results 2013

  • 1st – Cruella in a Onesie by Jemma Asquith
  • 2nd – Dalek by Rob & Claire Batley
  • 3rd –  Compo by Sally Asquith


Build-a-Scarecrow Results 2012

  • 1st – Bradley Wiggins by The Townend Family
  • 2nd – Queen Elizabeth II by the Upper Hopton Playgroup
  • 3rd –  King Harold The Unlucky by the Brighton Belles


Build-a-Scarecrow Results 2011

  • 1st – Charlie Chaplin – by Katie Preaux
  • 2nd – Dunn Scaring  – by The Brook Family
  • 3rd – King James I – by Jane Yelland


Build-a-Scarecrow Results 2010

  • 1st – Bob the Builder – by Katie Ashford & family
  • 2nd – Alice of Alice in Wonderland – by the Townend family
  • 3rd – Pirate Pete – by the Reception Class at Crowlees J & I School


Build-a-Scarecrow Results 2009

  • 1st – Amy Winehouse – by Matilda Pearce and family
  • 2nd – Mr. Hardcastle – by Mrs Bentham′s Reception Class at Crowlees School
  • 3rd – Miss Coady – by Mrs. Fernandez′s Reception Class at Crowlees School



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