Creative Writing Competition

Childrens Creative Writing CompetitionThis year’s creative writing competition is free to enter and is for all young people up to fourteen years of age to take part in. Stories or poems can be as short as you like. Schools, leisure time groups and – of course – individuals are all invited to take part in the run up to Mirfield Agricultural Show, with lots of great cash and ice cream prizes, including the best poem, the best story and (for writers up to ten years of age only) the best picture.


Creative Writing Results 2017


Creative Writing Competition 2017

Sponsored by Charlotte’s Ice Cream Parlour, Whitley

This year’s theme is the 1960s, although you can enter writing on any topic. There are special prizes – as well as those for winners of the classes – for scenic and atmospheric writing, works featuring all aspects of the 1960s –flowers, peace, the 1966 World Cup or football in general, politics, the moon landing and space exploration as well as concerts of all kinds – and other writing that the judge particularly likes.

  • Class 1 – Open to all – open to all adults and young people from the age of 15 – a story of no more than 2500 words or a poem of no more than 40 lines
  • Class 2 – writers 13 to 14 years of age – a story of no more than 1500 words or a poem of no more than 30 lines
  • Class 3 – writers 11 to 12 years of age – a story of no more than 1000 words or a poem of no more than 25 lines
  • Class 4 – writers 9 to 10 years of age – a story of no more than 750 words or a poem of no more than 20 lines. This may include a picture that helps to tell the story
  • Class 5 – writers up to 8 years of age – a story of no more than 500 words or a poem of no more than 16 lines. This may include a picture that helps to tell the story.

Please legibly write or type your story or poem on one side of as many sheets of paper you need. You need to give your name and telephone/mobile number (an address is helpful – your school is OK) and – if you are under 15 – your age – all on a separate and securely attached piece of paper.
If you are under 18, please also provide your parent, guardian or other responsible adult’s confirmation that they agree to the terms of the competition. The closing date is 31 July 2017 and winners will be announced by 18th August 2017.


Creative Writing Competition Prizes 2017

The prizes for each of the four classes above are £5 plus a voucher for four ice cream cones from Charlotte’s Jersey Ice Cream Parlour

  • Best Story or Poem – open to all writers – £15 plus a voucher for four ice cream cones
  • Reserve Best Story or Poem – £10 plus a voucher for four ice cream cones
  • The prize for each of the classes 1 to 5 is £5 plus a voucher for four ice cream cones
  • Special extra prize – Best picture from classes 4 or 5 – £5, most atmospheric writing £5. most scenic writing £5, best sports writing £5, best writing on peace and harmony £5


Creative Writing Competition Rules 2016

1. Your creative writing will be displayed or reproduced at this year’s Mirfield Show with your name. 2. Prizes will be presented at the Show – we may take pictures – but if you are on holiday – we’ll keep your prizes safe! 3. All stories and poems must be submitted for judging by 31st July 2017. (Acknowledgement of receipt on request.)  4. The judge’s decision will be final. 5. IF there are fewer than five entries in a class, we reserve the right to amalgamate classes, and re-award the prizes. 6. Entries should be e-mailed to or posted to Mirfield Show Creative Writing Competition, 51 Springfield Park, Mirfield WF14 9PE. 7. We may include a selection of winning stories and poems on our website. If you do not wish your story or poem to appear on our website, we will respect your wishes if you let us know when you send in your entry. 8. Mirfield Agricultural Show Society, or any related person, cannot take any responsibility for any loss or damage caused to people or property whilst on the showground or to creative writing entries in transit.


More Information

For further details about the Mirfield Show Creative Writing Competition, please contact the Competitions Team on or via the Contact Us page.


Creative Writing Results 2016

  • Most Original – Natalie Peterson
  • Winner – Open to all – Walter Huddleston
  • Best Story or Poem – Lenny Gressmann
  • Reserve Best Story or Poem – Aimee Dalby
  • Best Picture – Matilda Wray
  • Best Travel – Joshua Nuttman
  • Writers up to 8 – Eleannor Wray
  • Writers 9 to 10 – Katie Ashford
  • Writers 11 to 12 – Solomon Ambler-Danyluk
  • Best South American – Katie Ashford
  • Best taking Part in Sport – Lyla Gawthorpe
  • Best Olympic Story or Poem – Lyla Gawthorpe
  • Most Atmospheric – Lyla Gawthorpe
  • Judges Special ‘prize- Poppy Nuttman


Creative Writing Results 2015


  • Judge’s Special Prize  –  Poppy Nuttman, The Good Princess
  • Best in Class  –  Joshua Nuttman, Shrimp and Crab Wedding
  • Best Picture  –  Joshua Nuttman. Animals
  • Commended  –  Matthew Nuttman, The King and the Dragon


  • Best in Class  –  Elliot Hoyland, Fire and Ice


  • Best Mirfield Entry  –  Noah Campbell, Mirfield Library
  • Best Poem  –  Emily Smaling, My Race
  • Best Sport  –  Emily Smaling, My Race
  • Best Story  –  Joshua Render, A Normal Day
  • Most Atmospheric  –  Poppy Burrows, The Lights
  • Commended  –  Kieran Holmes, Sporty Mirfield
  • Best in Class  –  Aasiyah Iqbal, Story
  • Commended  –  Megan Wright, The Modern Mirfield Show and How it Began
  • Best School  –  Neve Brook, My Favourite Place in Mirfield



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