Domestic & Baking Show

Baking & Handmade Show ClassesMirfield Family Agricultural Show′s Baking & Handmade Show is one of the original and key competitions of the modern show and continues to become even more popular each year, and attracting exhibitors from all across Yorkshire. There are usually about twenty-two classes on the domestic schedule including baking, cooking, handicrafts, photography, plus much more, including its very popular men-only competition.

Domestic & Baking Show Results 2017


Domestic & Baking Show 2017

The domestic and baking marquee opens from 7.30am, with staging and registration until 9.45am and judging from 10.15am. The entry fee is FREE for all. Once the judging has completed the exhibits and winners will be available for the public to see until 4pm, when the prize money will be awarded. All exhibits must be cleared by 5pm. There will be a collection box available in the marquee for any uncollected or unwanted exhibits so they may be donated to Batley Food Bank.

Unfortunately, there is no exhibitor parking on the showground, but there is free parking for exhibitors only at the cricket club across the road. There will be a temporary area assigned for dropping off near the domestic and baking tent from 7.30am. However all vehicles must be removed or parked at the cricket club by 10.00am where there is an exhibitor’s car park. No vehicles will be allowed onto the showground after 10am and before 4pm.

Mirfield Family Agricultural Show is unique in the Yorkshire domestic and baking show calendar of events because as well as having a strong baking, cookery and craft background, it encourages children and novices to get involved to make it a fantastic family day out.


Domestic & Baking Show Classes 2017

Domestic Classes

  1. 1 Jar lemon curd
  2. 1 Jar any fruit jam
  3. 1 Jar of marmalade
  4. 1 Jar of chutney
  5. 1 Jar of any home pickled produce
  6. Round of shortbread
  7. 4 Pieces of flapjack
  8. Bakewell Tart 18cms must be iced
  9. 1 Loaf of handmade bread
  10. 1 Fruit pie made with pastry
  11. 4 Fruit scones (£25 prize)
  12. Open recipe savoury flan 18cm
  13. 4 Hand decorated cupcakes
  14. Round 2 tier Victoria sponge (jam only)
  15. Men-only Coffee & Walnut (£25 prize)
  16. Mirfield “Showstopper” Afternoon tea

Craft Classes

  1. Handmade soft toy
  2. Any needlework pattern or print
  3. Greetings card
  4. Handmade 1.5 m length of bunting.
  5. Any knitted article
  6. Any hand crafted object or item.
  7. Open miscellaneous textile item.

Adult Art Class – £25 Prize

  1. A piece of art on paper or canvas using any paint or drawing material depicting an international theme, scene, object or portrait to celebrate the 1960’s

Adult Homebrew Beer or Wine Making Class (exhibitor must be 18 years and over)

  1. Any bottle of homebrewed wine, beer or spirits UNCORKED/SCREW TOP (70 cls maximum)

Photography Classes**

  1. Local Scene
  2. 1960’S vintage
  3. Birds
  4. Humour with caption attached.

* see website for recipe

** max 2 entries per person per class

**** (£25 prize) 3 savoury 3 sweet on cake stand

Domestic & Baking Show Trophies 2017

  • Betty Taylor Memorial Trophy for Most Domestic Show Points
  • Betty Taylor Memorial Trophy for Best Scone
  • Betty Taylor Memorial Trophy for Men-Only Class
  • Malcolm Boyes Memorial Trophy for Best in Show Photograph
  • Mirfield Rotary Club Presidents Trophy for Most Handicraft Show Points



Domestic & Baking Show Rules 2017

RULES: 1) adult entries are free. 2) staging from 7.30 to 9.45am on show day. 3) all exhibits to have been designed/created by the exhibitor within the last 12 months. 4) any exhibitor staging more or less than the number of exhibits in the relevant class will be disqualified. 5) entries to be received no later than 9.45am on show day. 6) judging to begin at 10.15am. 7) exhibits must be removed between 4 and 5pm on show day. There will be a collection box available in the marquee for any uncollected or unwanted exhibits so they may be donated to Batley Food Bank. 8) prize money to be paid from 4pm. 9) judges decision is final. 10) prizes as follows: 1st=£2, 2nd=£1.50, 3rd=£1, except classes 17&39: 1st=£10, 2nd=£5, 3rd=£3. 11) the committee reserve the right to amend the programme if necessary. e&oe.


Register Your Entry for 2017

Advance Registration Closes Friday 10th August



More Information

For further details about the Mirfield Domestic & Baking Show, please contact the Competitions Team on or via the Contact Us page.


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Cookery & Baking Winners

  • 1 jar lemon curd by Pauline Longbottom
  • 1 jar any fruit jam by Pat Townend
  • 1 jar jelly by C Balmforth
  • 1 jar marmalade by Christine Schofield
  • 1 round of shortbread by Dawn Pearson
  • 4 pieces flapjack by Rachel Plachinski
  • a date & walnut loaf by Mrs Dunwell
  • 1 loaf hand made bread by P White
  • 4 mince pies by Charlotte Cheesbrough
  • 4 fruit scones (Betty Taylor prize £50) by V Boden
  • a cheese and onion flan by Janet Vine
  • cup cakes fit for a queen by Karen Asquith
  • men only Victoria sponge (£50 prize) by Frank Ellis

Handicraft Winners

  • handmade soft toy by Christine Broady
  • cross stitch worked from pattern or print by Amy Preece
  • greetings card by Sandra Evans
  • any article made by a senior citizen by John Bolton
  • any knitted article by Margaret Crowther

Photography Winners

  • seasons of the year by Joanna Mansfield
  • local scene by David Townend
  • water scene by Rachel Fishwick
  • celebration by Jade Beard
  • Most domestic points Pamela White
  • Best scone Veronica Boden
  • Winner men only cake Frank Ellis


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