Pigeon Show Classes

pigeon show classesThe Mirfield Show Pigeon Classes will be run in accordance with The National Pigeon Association guide lines and are held under NPA rules. Exhibitors in racing pigeon classes should sign the general entry form to certify that they have complied with the current DEFRA regulations. Judge P Brookeshaw.

Pigeon Show Classes 2017

Details about the pigeon show classes for the next event will be posted here closer to the time.


Pigeon Show Classes 2016

Show Racers

Class 1 – Old cock
Class 2 – Old Hen
Class 3 – 2015 Young Cock
Class 4 – 2015 Young Hen
Class 5 – Odd Colour Adult Cock
Class 6 – Odd Colour Adult Hen
Class 7 – Odd Colour 2015 Cock/Hen
Class 8 – Any Age Cock T/W
Class 9 – Any Age Hen T/W
Class 10 – Juvenile Any Age Cock/Hen

Racing Pigeons

Class 11 – Adult Cock Flown 100 Miles
Class 12 – Adult Hen Flown 100 Miles
Class 13 – Adult Cock Flown 300 Miles
Class 14 – Adult Hen Flown 300 Miles
Class 15 – 2015 Young Cock
Class 16 – 2015 Young Hen
Class 17 – Any Age Cock T/W
Class 18 – Any Age Hen T/W

Fancy Pigeons

Class 19 – Modena Adult Cock/Hen
Class 20 – Modena 2015 Cock/Hen
Class 21 – Capuchin Adult Cock/Hen
Class 22 – Capuchin 2015 Cock/Hen
Class 23 – Any Other Fancy Adult Cock
Class 24 – Any Other Fancy Adult Hen
Class 25 – Juvenile Any Other Fancy Cock/Hen

Flying Pigeons

Class 26 – Roller Adult Cock/Hen
Class 27 – Roller 2015 Cock/Hen
Class 28 – Tippler Adult Cock/Hen
Class 29 – Tippler Adult Cock/Hen
Class 30 – Any Other Flying Breed Cock/Hen
Class 31 – Juvenile Any Other Flying Cock/Hen


Pigeon Show Trophies 2016

  • Trophy for Best in Show plus £10
  • Trophy for Best Fancy plus £5
  • Trophy for Best Flying plus £5
  • Trophy for Best Juvenile plus £5


Pigeon Show Rules 2016

1) adult entries are £1 per bird and children are free – payments to be made to Mirfield Show. 2) staging from 8.30 to 9.45am on show day. 3) entries to be received no later than 5th August 2015. 4) judging to begin at 10.00am. 5) exhibits must be removed between 4 and 5pm on show day. 6 ) prizes £1.50/£1/50p awarded from 4pm. 7) judges decision is final. 8) No vehicles allowed onto the show ground after 10am and before 4pm.  9) Mirfield Agricultural Show Society, its staff or any person relating to the Society can not take any responsibility for any loss or damage caused to people, animals or property whilst on the Showground. 10) The Committee reserves the right to alter or amend the schedule if necessary. 11) the secretary reserves the right to amalgamate classes with less than 4 entries. 12) A complimentary entrance ticket will be sent to every exhibitor showing 6 or more birds.


More Information

For further details about the Mirfield Pigeon Show, please contact the Poultry Show Secretary at Melvyn Shaw, 5 Vicarage Lane, Royston, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 4QY on 07894403608 or via email at melvyn.shaw@tesco.net. You can also contact us at competitions@mirfieldshow.com or complete the Contact Us Page.



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