Poultry Show Classes

poultry show classesDue to the massive increase in domestic chicken keeping, Mirfield Family Agricultural Show continues with its Poultry Show Section which was introduced in 2011. There are around forty two classes on the schedule across hard feather, soft feather, bantams, large fowl and water fowl.

Poultry Show Classes for 2017

Details about the poultry show classes for the next event will be posted here closer to the time.


Poultry Show Classes for 2016

The poultry marquee opens from 8.30am, with staging and registration until 10.00am and judging from 10.15am. Once the judging has completed the exhibits and winners will be available for the public to see until 4pm, when the prize money will be awarded. All exhibits must be cleared by 5pm.

Unfortunately, there is no exhibitor parking on the showground, but there is free parking for exhibitors only at the cricket club across the road. There will be a temporary area assigned for dropping off near the Small Animal tent from 8.30am. However all vehicles must be removed or parked at the cricket club by 10.30am where there is an exhibitor’s car park. No vehicles will be allowed onto the show ground after 10am and before 4pm.

Mirfield Family Agricultural Show is unique in the Yorkshire poultry show calendar of events because as well as having a strong agricultural background, it encourages children and novices to get involved to make it a fantastic family day out.


Hard Feather Bantams

Class 1 – OEG Spangle Cock/Hen
Class 2 – OEG Blue/Black Cock/Hen
Class 3 – OEG AOC Cock
Class 4 – OEG AOC Hen
Class 5 – OEG Spangle 2015 bred Cock/Hen
Class 6 – OEG Blue/Black 2015 Bred Cock/Hen
Class 7 – OEG AOC Bred 2015 Cock
Class 8 – OEG AOC Bred 2015 Hen
Class 9 – Modern Game AC, Cock/Hen
Class 10 – Indian or Jubilee Game, Cock/Hen
Class 12 – KO Shamo Cock/Hen
Class 13 – AOV Asian
Class 14 –  Juvenile Hard Feather Bantam Cock/Hen

Soft Feather Bantam

Class 15 – AC Wyandotte Cock/Hen
Class 16 – AC Sussex Cock/Hen
Class 17 – Rhode Island Red Cock/Hen
Class 18 – AC Leghorn Cock/Hen
Class 19 – AOV Cock/Hen
Class 20 – AC Wyandotte Bred 2015 Cock/Hen
Class 21 – AC Sussex Bred 2015 Cock/Hen
Class 22 – Rhode Island Red Bred2015 Cock/Hen
Class 23 – AC Leghorn Bred 2015 Cock/Hen
Class 24 – AOV Bred 2015 Cock Hen
Class 25 – Rare Breed Cock
Class 26 – Rare Breed Hen
Class 27 – Pekin AC Cock/Hen
Class 28 – Dutch AC Cock/Hen
Class 29 – Japanese AC Cock/Hen
Class 30 – Juvenile AV Cock/Hen

Large Fowl

Class 31 – Any Variety Rare Breed Cock/Hen
Class 32 – Old English Game AC Cock/Hen
Class 33 – AOV Heavy Breed Soft Feather Cock/Hen
Class 34 – AOV Light Breed Soft Feather Cock/Hen
Class 35 – AOV Hard Feather Cock/Hen
Class 36 – Juvenile AV Large Fowl


Class 37 – AV Call Duck M/F
Class 38 – AOV Bantam M/H
Class 39 – AV Light M/F
Class 40 – Runner M/F
Class 41 – AV Heavy M/F
Class 42 – Juvenile M/F


Poultry Show Rules 2016

1) adult entries are £1 per bird and children are free – payments to be made to Mirfield Show. 2) staging from 8.30 to 9.45am on show day. 3) entries to be received no later than 5th August 2016. 4) judging to begin at 10.00am. 5) exhibits must be removed between 4 and 5pm on show day. 6 ) prizes £1.50/£1/50p awarded from 4pm. 7) judges decision is final. 8) No vehicles allowed onto the show ground after 10am and before 4pm.  9) Mirfield Agricultural Show Society, its staff or any person relating to the Society can not take any responsibility for any loss or damage caused to people, animals or property whilst on the Showground. 10) The Committee reserves the right to alter or amend the schedule if necessary. 11) the secretary reserves the right to amalgamate classes with less than 4 entries. 12) A complimentary entrance ticket will be sent to every exhibitor showing 6 or more birds.


More Information

For further details about the Mirfield Poultry Show, please contact the Poultry Show Secretary at Melvyn Shaw, 5 Vicarage Lane, Royston, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 4QY on 07894403608 or via email at melvyn.shaw@tesco.net. You can also contact us at competitions@mirfieldshow.com or complete the Contact Us Page.



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