Meet Some Of Our Team

Carol Davies

Carol Davies

Head of Marketing

I thought it would be great to join and meet people. I took a place on the Marketing team and took lead on the show programme and advertising.

Joseph Kelly

Joseph Kelly

Marketing Team Member

I joined the show committee in December 2013 as I was looking for voluntary work in the community as part of my Duke of Edinburgh Programme.

Karen Bullivant

I joined the Mirfield Show committee in 1998. I had recently reduced my working hours and had some time to become involved in a community event.

Sara Hill

Sara Hill

Marketing Team Member

I joined the marketing sub-committee in 2014 after seeing a tweet looking for volunteers and thought it sounded like a fun way to get involved.

Sarah Battye

Sarah Battye

Marketing Team Member

I’ve lived in Mirfield my whole life and I joined the committee last year as I wanted to get involved in helping create such an amazing event.


Why I Joined the Team


I joined the Mirfield show team in 2012 because I wanted to get involved with a fantastic community event. I am so glad I did as I really enjoy being part of such an amazing team

– Bev


I wanted to get involved with something new as my dad had just died and my mum was increasingly affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. I’ve always loved agricultural shows (my dad used to take us when we were kids) so I went along to the 2015 AGM to volunteer as a show day helper and found myself on the committee. I dragged my husband along to that first meeting to keep me company and he ended up signing up as well! We’re both on the Facilities Sub Committee and I love our little team. I job share with Maggie Hirstle looking after show day volunteers and this has been a fantastic introduction – when one of us is busy or distracted by life, the other simply does a bit more to fill the gap.

– Rachel


I have only been involved since 2009 and joined to run the Rabbit show as my predecessor Donald Becket passed away. I took over the Huddersfield & District Fanciers Society which Donald ran and was asked to run the rabbits, which I gladly did with the help of the Huddersfield Rabbit club. The Rabbit Club under my leadership still run the Rabbits but about 4 years ago Karen asked me if I would like to be fully responsible for the whole of the small livestock which I gladly accepted. For me personally I love the atmosphere and the rewards of putting on a successful show for the Mirfield people. The buzz on the day is difficult to describe but all I can say is everyone enjoys themselves and that what I find VERY REWARDING. I enjoy being part of “The Team Mirfield” it’s like having a massive extended family and believe me if you need anything there is someone in the “family” who will either be able to help of know someone who can. All you need to do is ask.

– Howard


I joined as my daughter and granddaughter were on the committee. I saw how hard they worked on the lead up to the day and on the day. I volunteered one year for show day, but then thought I would take it one step further and help to put on the best show in the area.

– Julia


I joined the show committee because I wanted to get involved in local matters. I had recently retired from a very stressful professional career and wanted to meet people from a different walk of life. The best thing I ever did.

– Eileen


Everyone was what made me join this group well I was landed in it. I was approached at the Otley show by Danny Roberts and was asked could we reinstate the pigeon section which was part of the show in years past. I said we would try but it had to be passed by Howard. He was all in favour and a plan was put forward for the up and coming show, and now it is history. I was also asked after my 1st year to also take on the poultry. I have been here now 3 years and I am still pulling my hair out each year, but all for a good cause.

– Melvyn


I joined because I wanted to give back to the local community and I enjoy seeing the happy competitors and visitors on Show Day.

– Nikki


I joined because I wondered who did all that work to put on a show like that, and what would happen if they had to stop? I wanted to get involved to make sure that such a good event in our Town continued.

– Martin


I got the “show bug” after once entering my Maris Piper potatoes in the flower and vegetable novice class and winning first prize! I then became a volunteer and quickly realised that I wanted to be a part of this great team of people within the organising committee. My ancestors are from a rural, farming heritage and I come from a long line of hardworking womenfolk in my family who always baked and were very resourceful in the kitchen and garden so I have a natural interest in self-sufficiency. Over the last four years we have introduced some challenging and varied classes into the marquee to compliment changing trends and influences whilst still maintaining good, traditional themes. With the advent of the Great British Bake Off and similar programmes, people are rediscovering hobbies and pass times in arts, crafts, organic growing and cookery. The legacy of Betty Taylor still shines through in the marquee with the Men Only Recipe attracting lots of keen exhibitors hoping to win the coveted trophy and prize! Every year we look forward to show day, meeting exhibitors old and new and the marquee always looks amazing with the hundreds of talented exhibits which never fail to impress the judges!

– Louise


I first joined the committee in December 2013, one of the main reasons I joined was to do with my Duke of Edinburgh Award I was completing at the time. However, I then got to know the committee and how much of a close knit but welcoming almost family like group it is. I enjoy being part of a team which is purely focused on the community and putting on a great show every year. Being part of the marketing team I have met many supporters but had the opportunity to mix with other subcommittees; that is something I love, the fact you are constantly working with each other to support each other within the committee. Of course things can get hectic from time to time but I wouldn’t change it, that’s why we do it!

– Joseph

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